Sewer Development Services

The Engineering and Construction Bureaus build and maintain the underground pipeline system that delivers water and sewer to Long Beach residents and businesses.  The Development Engineers and Inspectors work with developers, contractors, and homeowners to assist in the process of providing service.

The Engineering Development front desk counter is open for walk-ins, Monday–Friday, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

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The forms, standards, and guidelines below are provided as a starting point for the developer, contractor, or homeowner in completing their project efficiently.


All developer‐funded construction projects with the Long Beach Utilities require a developer to enter into an agreement with the Board of Utilities Commissioners (Board). Typically, the Board meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month.

To begin the process of creating a developer’s agreement, please follow the link below to Long Beach Utilities’ online portal,  for instructions and requirements on creating a submittal and reviewing plans:



A deposit for plan check, inspection, administration, easement review, and as‐builts is required from the Developer. The deposit is estimated by Long Beach Utilities and is based upon the submission of a preliminary plan(s). A cost estimate letter with the required deposit amount will be mailed to you after Board Approval is obtained. Make your check payable to Long Beach Utilities.


  1. Items are placed on the Board’s agenda three weeks in advance of the scheduled Board meeting. Long Beach Utilities' response time to your request(s) depends upon you and your design team, the accuracy and completeness of the documents you submit, and our current work load.
  2. After the Board has authorized the preparation of your Developer’s Agreement, the City Attorney’s Office will be directed to prepare the agreement. This process takes 2‐3 weeks. Duplicate original agreements will be prepared and forwarded to you for execution, along with a one‐year guarantee and performance bond.
  3. Note that construction plans for your proposed water and/or sewer facilities will not be approved until your agreement, guarantee, and bond are properly executed. This is crucial in order to avoid delays. If you are a corporation, two corporate officers must execute the agreement. If only one officer executes the agreement, you must include a corporate resolution authorizing this action. If you are a partnership, the general partner must sign the agreement.
  4. The guarantee and bond will be executed in the same manner as the agreement, and include the signature of the Attorney‐in‐Fact of the Surety Company, along with a certified copy of the Power of Attorney. All signatures must be acknowledged by a Notary Public.
  5. Construction of your proposed Long Beach Utilities water and/or sewer facilities cannot begin until all of the following requirements are met:
    • You provide a properly executed agreement and guarantee
    • You provide a performance bond for 100% of the construction costs
    • You submit your certificate of insurance for approval
    • You submit draft easement descriptions and/or the right‐of‐way agreement
    • You submit all required deposits
    • You pay for all required fees
    • You submit construction plans for proposed Long Beach Utilities water and/or sewer facilities to Long Beach Utilities review and approval

Failure to comply with the above procedures may result in unnecessary or costly project delays for developers.

For any questions related to your developer’s agreement request, please contact us at:
Call: (562) 570-2419

Plan Submittal and Approval Requirements

Long Beach Utilities may accept at its option, the transfer of your developer‐constructed water and/or sewer facilities that meet Long Beach Utilities Standards and is a benefit to the public at large, provided you conform to the following:

  • Retain a Registered Civil Engineer (RCE) to prepare, sign, and stamp the construction contract documents (Plans and Specifications)
  • Design water facilities that conform to requirements of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards; Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (Green Book), latest edition; California Department of Public Health (DPH) standards; Long Beach Utilities standard drawings and specifications, latest edition; and generally accepted water works practices
  • Design sewer facilities in accordance with the City of Long Beach Municipal Code, Section 15; Long Beach Utilities standard drawings and specifications; and Green Book, latest edition
  • Where Long Beach Utilities standards do not fully cover the sewer design, use the following:
    • City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering, Part F – Sewer Design, latest edition
    • Los Angeles County, Department of Public Works, Private Contract Sanitary Sewer Procedural Manual, latest edition
    • County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles standard drawings of construction
    • Retain a Licensed Land Surveyor/Civil Engineer to stake the water and/or sewer facilities, as well as furnish easements
    • Retain a geotechnical firm to provide soil compaction testing during construction

Plan Check Requirements:

In order to avoid additional project review costs, construction delays, and/or potential liabilities, it is imperative for you, as the developer, to:

  • Review and discuss your project schedule with Long Beach Utilities as soon as possible; and
  • Select a qualified consultant experienced in the design of water and/or sewer improvement projects

The plan check process includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Your engineer submits the first plan check consisting of two (2) sets of check prints (minimum)
  • Allow 3 to 4 weeks for review of the first plan check, and 1 to 2 weeks for subsequent plan check reviews
  • Your engineer submits for review, calculations supporting the water system network design, water consumption, irrigation system demands, and Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD)‐approved fire flow requirements
  • All Long Beach Utilities‐approved drawings for public water and/or sewer facilities will be drafted on 22 x 34 inch mylars showing both plan and profile
  • Your engineer will submit “As‐Builts” or Record Drawings to Long Beach Utilities at the completion of your project, both in hard (paper) and electronic (AutoCAD) copy



WDS-501(PDF, 254KB)…………… Shallow Maintenance Hole < 5’ Depth
WDS-502(PDF, 423KB)…………… Maintenance Hole with Cast in Place Base
WDS-503(PDF, 288KB)…………… Drop Maintenance Hole
WDS-505(PDF, 367KB)…………… Sewer Maintenance Hole – Frame and Cover
WDS-506(PDF, 704KB)…………… Sewer Cleanout, Mainline and Lateral
WDS-507(PDF, 228KB)…………… Sewer Chimney
WDS-510(PDF, 237KB)…………… Sewer Main Support
WDS-511(PDF, 239KB)…………… House Sewer Connection
WDS-512(PDF, 227KB)…………… Concrete Shelf Retrofit
WDS-513(PDF, 217KB)…………… Cut-In Wye on Existing Sewer


WDS-203(PDF, 393KB)…………… Flanged Outlets for Steel Cylinder Concrete Pipe
WDS-205(PDF, 349KB)…………… Dished Head, Temporary and Recessed
WDS-207(PDF, 227KB)…………… Welded Joint Detail
WDS-209(PDF, 276KB)…………… Butt Strap Joint Detail
WDS-210(PDF, 502KB)…………… Water Maintenance Hole Cover, Frame and Removable Grating
WDS-211(PDF, 381KB)…………… Chlorination Assembly – 12” & Larger Steel Pipe
WDS-212(PDF, 768KB)…………… Air Relief Assembly Option 1 through 4 and Valve Housing
WDS-215(PDF, 606KB)…………… Cathodic Protection


WDS-401(PDF, 213KB)…………… Underground Pipeline Symbols
WDS-402(PDF, 387KB)…………… Design Sheet Layout “B” Size, “K” Size and “MC” Size Tracing
WDS-406(PDF, 497KB)…………… Trench Restoration – Water and Sewer
WDS-407(PDF, 223KB)…………… Guard Post (Removable)
WDS-408(PDF, 374KB)…………… Construction Information Sign