Customer Service

For a Suspected Gas Odor or Carbon Monoxide Emergency

two people working on gas pipes outside homePlease contact (562) 570-2140

811 - Call before you dig

Damage prevention is a shared responsibility! Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, smart digging means calling 811 before each job. Dig Alert is a FREE service; call 811 or visit their website.

For Water and Sewer Emergencies

Please contact 562-570-2390. We are available 24/7, 365 days per year.

Examples of a water or sewer emergency:

  • Water: Broken pipe inside or outside of the property, broken fire hydrant, water coming up in the street, no water to property that is not due to non-payment, any/all types of water breaks or leaks where the water is flowing more than normal.
  • Sewer: If or when you are experiencing a sewer stoppage on the property or when you witness sewage flowing in the street area.

Property valve:

Most homes or properties have what’s called a property valve that controls the water flow from the water meter into the property. The property valve is located outside of your home or business in the front, on the side, or sometimes in the back of the property. This will be at the water spigot where you would typically hook up a water hose to water outside. The valve will either be a round wheel gate valve or a handle that can be pushed up or down. If it’s a wheel valve, turn the valve all the way to the right side until it stops. If it’s a handle, turn it the opposite side of where it was to stop the flow from the meter. Note: this will shut off the water flow to your home or business. To turn water flow back on, turn the wheel valve or handle the opposite direction.

Water meter:

Do not tamper with the water meter itself. Tampering with the meter may result in the homeowner or property owner incurring charges for any damage to the water meter.

No hot water:

Long Beach Utilities only delivers cold water to your home or business. It is either gas or electricity that is used to heat up the water.


Billing and Water Service Questions

The City of Long Beach Commercial Services Bureau is responsible for overseeing the City’s utility billing services.
Start/stop or transfer water service, please contact (562) 570-5700 or

Water Efficiency Calculator:

Want to see what a water efficient estimate of your water bill can be each month? Use our calculator to learn more.

High Water Bill Concerns:

If you are experiencing a higher water bill than usual, please click here for more information.

City’s Utility-users’ Tax Exemption

Customers that meet certain qualifications and income requirements may be eligible for a utility assistance. For those customers who qualify for the City’s utility-users’ tax exemption and are on record with the City of Long Beach Treasurer, there is no charge for each of the first six billing units of water consumption, in addition to an approximate $5.00 monthly service charge credit. For more on Utility Assistance click here.