Install Sewer Connection

Sewer Service Installation / Sewer Permit Application


NOTE: Excavation Permit processing is handled by Long Beach Public Works Department (LBPW) Engineering Services Counter located at 411 W. Ocean Boulevard, 2nd Floor, Long Beach, CA 90802, (562) 570-6784.  

Prior to issuance of Excavation Permit by LBPW, approval by Long Beach Department (LBUD) is required. Applicant is advised to apply for Excavation Permit concurrent to LBUD review.

Please allow approximately 3-4 weeks for the processing and approval of your sewer permit. This typical processing time includes the 7-10 working day approval period for the Certificate of Liability Insurance. Submit insurance to and

What to submit:

  1. Complete Application form through LBUD’s online portal, Laserfiche, at the following link
  2. Please submit a drawing for review and approval to LBUD in person or via email at
  3. Allow 2-3 weeks for design drawing review and approval.
  4. LBUD shall verify the items below. Submit LBUD Sewer Service Installation form and approved design drawing to LBPW to complete your excavation permit application.
    • Design drawing addressing all LBUD plan check comments;
    • City Capacity Charge Receipt (from Development Services);
    • Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD) Capacity Charge Receipt;
    • Material Submittals;
    • LBUD fees;

Payment Information:

Note that before LBUD approves the drawing and sewer permits to be issued for new service connections, sewer capacity fees must be paid for through Long Beach Development Services at (562) 570-5237 and Los Angeles County Sanitation District at (562) 699-4288, ext. 2727. Proof of payment is required prior to LBUD’s approval for Excavation Permit purposes.

Full payment of applicable fees to be paid to LBUD. Applicable fees are listed on Sewer Service Installation Form(PDF, 209KB) . For any questions related to fees, please contact LBUD Engineering Development at (562) 570-2419.

Lead Time and Other Information:

  1. Allow 2-3 weeks for design drawing review and approval.
  2. All new construction redevelopment of existing lots shall require a new wye connection and new sewer lateral meeting LBUD standards and requirements.
  3. Connection to an existing sewer service is only allowed in cases such as Tenant Improvement of an existing building. All requests to connect to an existing sewer lateral shall be reviewed by LBUD. In case where re-connection is deemed appropriate, you are required to do the following:
    • Confirm that the lateral meets the requirements of LBUD including structural integrity, size, and material. You must conduct a video inspection of the lateral from an accessible location on site. Supervision of an LBUD inspector is required. After paying applicable inspection fees, contact LBUD inspection group at (562) 244-9334 at least 48 hours prior to the planned inspection.
    • Make repairs to the satisfaction of LBUD.
    • The Sewer Operations group can assist by locating the existing wye connection at the main by performing CCTV inspection of the sewer main. You are required to pay applicable fees prior to requesting the work. Please contact Sewer Operations at (562) 570-2440 to arrange an inspection and confirm anticipated schedule.
  4. As soon as you receive the Excavation Permit from Public Works, email a copy of your permit to the Long Beach Utility Department (LBUD).
  5. Once drawing and materials submittals are approved and fees are paid, and excavation permit received; a preconstruction meeting will be scheduled between the contractor and LBUD. The contractor shall contact LBUD Engineering to arrange a pre-construction meeting.
  6. A LBUD inspector will be present during the entire construction process and will sign-off on the permit once the work is completed in accordance with LBUD standards.
  7. Notify LBUD Inspection at (562) 244-9334 at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled work. LBUD Inspection will contact you to schedule the sewer service line installation and/or repair work. In addition, notify Public Works at (562) 570-5160.

Sewer Service Installation Form(PDF, 209KB)

For any questions related to sewer permit application process, please contact us at:
Call: (562) 570-2419