LB Residents Pay Lowest Natural Gas Bills Statewide for Fourth Month

Published on December 05, 2023

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Long Beach Residents to Pay Lowest Natural Gas Bills Statewide for Fourth Consecutive Month

Up to 36% less than other California natural gas utilities

LONG BEACH, CALIF. (Dec. 5, 2023) — Long Beach Utilities’ average residential customers will receive the lowest natural gas bills in California for the fourth month in a row after proactive price protections negotiated by Long Beach Utilities earlier this year.

“Long Beach Utilities became a combined utility during record setting high natural gas bills last winter. Our Board of Commissioners prioritized providing both price stabilization and price protection for our customers going forward,” said Chris Garner, General Manager. “With this direction from our Board, we have taken aggressive actions that are now directly resulting in monetary savings for working families and businesses in Long Beach this winter.”

The new contracts provide price protection for customers of Long Beach Utilities for the next three winters. Long Beach customers will now have greater price protection than provided to any other residential natural gas customers in California.

Natural gas bills for the average Long Beach single family home for December will be as much as 36% lower than some parts of Southern California. The average December bill for a family using 49 therms of natural gas is set to be approximately 4% lower than for the same usage in December 2022.

Recently adopted contracts negotiated by Long Beach Utilities lock in natural gas pricing at a cost on par with prices paid in 2021. With these contracts, Long Beach residents will not be vulnerable to the market volatility experienced last winter.

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